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S200 OilGone® for sheen removal

When applied on water, the product will not disperse in the water column. It attaches to the hydrocarbon and creates an agglomerated gel that remains on the surface where there is an aerobic environment. This action removes the sheen and creates the optimum conditions for biodegradation or removal. S200 OilGone® has been used successfully for sheen removal from a diesel spill on the Boyne River in Ireland and for sheen collection within booms on the Chicago River. The US EPA has used S200 OilGone® in the northwest for sheen mitigation from a workboat fuel spill during a dredging project. S200 OilGone® is being used in Australia to eliminate the sheen caused by over-fueling recreational boats at marina piers.

S200 dosed into the effluent removes all the following components and No Sheen will be present on the water surface.

When S200 is applied to accedental minor spills, the harmful HC components listed above never mix in the marine environment, but gather in smaller “gel agglomerates” just at the surface where it is biodegraded in one to four weeks. Marine life on the seabed or other sections of the sea are never effected.

S200 has successfully passed all tests to be classified as a GREEN chemical according to OSPAR HOCNF standard for use in the marine environment  (convention for the protection of the marine environment of the North East Atlatic).

S200 has been thoroughly tested and consistently obtains a Zero Discharge result on produced water from the Oil and Gas Industry.

Once attached to the contaminant, S200 sticks to it until it is fully biodegraded (One to four weeks in the sea without any bacteria added).

S200 for Sheen Removal


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