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Recent News

S-200 has been selected by a major US refinery as the cleanup technology for approximately 4 acres of their site.  The cleanup consists of spills, leaks and historical hydrocarbon issue throughout one section of the refinery. S-200 was selected because of  its impressive track record dating back to the Prestige oil tanker cleanup on the coast of Spain.

A major US oil company has selected S-200 as the technology of choice for a cleanup at one of their active refinery sites.    S-200 is being used for a cleanup of approximately 30,000 sq meters of surface spill and leaks.  These are located under pipelines, in and around tank farms, at loading and unloading racks as well as on the shore riprap and dock areas of the refinery.   Everywhere hydrocarbons are used, transported, refined or stored on an active site.


S-200 is sprayed on the spilled or leaked hydrocarbon.

The indigenous bacteria then degrade the hydrocarbon into CO² and water.

No hazardous waste issues

It is that simple.  

No foreign bacteria are brought onto the site.

The S-200 is totally biodegradable as is the combined S-200 and contamination of interest.

S-200 instantly adheres to the hydrocarbon so rain, wind, wave actions do not affect the bioremediation action of the process.

S-200 DOES  NOT WASH AWAY, thus eliminating secondary applications after rain, etc.

Refinery Clean Up