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What exactly is S200?

S200 combines nutrient technology and a revolutionary delivery package to convey an effective, next generation stimulant package for the environmentally sound resolution of oil contamination. S-200 simply starts where other products stop: at the oil/environmental interface.

With one simple application, the interface is charged with a nutrient soup that selectively stimulates the rapid multiplication of natural, oil eating microorganisms. The oil is digested into its harmless components. Whether the spill is a small vehicle, pipeline or tank leak or a huge supertanker, this breakthrough product will resolve the problem of pollutants on land or as sheens on water.

The product has been tested thoroughly. Building on the success of the largest bioremediation project in history (Exxon Valdez, 70 miles of shoreline) and the Prestige Spill bioremediation, the technical mechanism and its advantages are well understood. What's more, S200 required only one application, not the multiple applications required by other technologies.

Again, don't compromise technically! S200 is not "super-bugs" or dispersant technology, products that either fail in the real world or do more damage to the environment than the original spill. S200 enables the natural attenuation pathway of oil in the environment by placing the required materials in the required location and securing them until they are consumed.

How does it work?

The oleophilic outer shell will adhere to the hydrocarbon and remain there despite rain, wind or tides. It creates a micro-emulsion facilitating the access of indigenous bacteria to the contaminant. The outer shell acts as a starter for hydrocarbon degraders. So these microorganisms start growing in number. Despite regular fertilizers, S200 does not serve as food for non hydrocarbon degraders, therefore, there is a growth of the microorganisms desired to decontaminate the site. Once the outer shell is broken by the indigenous bacteria, the results is a large amount of hydrocarbon eaters, a microemulsified hydrocarbon and the exact quantity of Nitrogen and Phosphorus needed to biodegrade the contaminant. The bacteria will then transform the hydrocarbon into Carbon Dioxide and water.

If you apply it on water the product will disperse in the water column. It will attach to the hydrocarbon and create a micro-emulsion which is less dense than water, therefore it will go to the surface where more oxygen is available and the conditions for biodegradation are better.

Easy to apply

The appliance of S200 is very simple. The only thing needed to make S200 work is to put it in contact with a hydrocarbon in an environment where bacteria can live. Here are some application methods based on location type:

Hard surface: apply with a back pack pressure sprayer.

Ground water: apply though infiltration pipes or testing holes. If needed you can dilute the product in water to make it more fluid and penetrate better. S200 will disperse into the water column of the groundwater and attach to the contaminant.

Soil: If you can remove the land while applying the product you can have a good mix of the S200 with the hydrocarbon and air the soil at the same time. This is what is done in land farming. If you can not remove the soil, then you will have to infiltrate the product through infiltration pipes. If the soil is very compact or is difficult to penetrate with the product, you can dilute S200 with water (x2 or x4) to make it more fluid and easier to be absorbed by the soil.

Sheen on water: you only need to spray the product over the sheen. The sheen will disappear quickly (hours depending on the type of contaminant) and bioremediation will occur.

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