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The Federal BioChem Strike Team for the Horizon (MC252) spill starts testing S-200 OilGone for use on the oil in the marshes

Mr. Lynn,

This note is to inform you that your product, S-200, has been evaluated by a specialized team set up by the Alternative Response Technology (ART) program in response to the MC252 spill.

This specialized BioChem Strike Team (BCST) is comprised of experts from USCG, BP, LSU, LDEQ, OSPR (California), NOAA, and highly experienced oil spill response consultants.

The BCST has determined that your product warrants further testing to determine its efficacy to address this specific oil in this specific environmental, climate, and ecological conditions.

Your product will be tested in the laboratory at LSU and in the field to remediate the stranded oil recovered from marshes that has resulted from this incident.

Federal BioChem Strike Team Testing