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Boaters, never again get on your hands and knees to clean your bilge. As a matter of fact, never again even scrub your bilge; simply pour Bilge Clear in your bilge and walk away. Works naturally.

Environmentally Safe

Cleans Residual spilled oils and fuel

Will not harm rubber, metal, wood or fiberglass

Totally biodegradable

One dose keeps on cleaning for up to two months

Reaches all the areas of the bilge

Contains no bacteria

No residual waste issues

The Natural movement of the boat on the water disperses Bilge Clear throughout the bilge.


Pour the contents of the Bilge Clear container into the access point of the bilge. The normal action of the boat in the water will disperse the Bilge Clear throughout the bilge area. Boats larger than 28 feet may require more than a single bottle of Bilge Clear. Weekly spraying of the bilge area with the dockside hose should maintain the bilge. Re-apply Bilge Clear every two months while the boat is in the water. To maintain the bilge cleanliness during winter storage, the product should be poured into the bilge before the storage period and then again when the pre-season maintenance is completed. When used per instructions, Bilge Clear will remove oil buildup. Please discharge treated bilge water in accordance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.

Note: This product used as intended will not harm rubber, plastic, metal or fiberglass.

Biodegradable Bilge Clear


Bilge Clear

Sheen Removal

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