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Once again S-200 OilGone® Is the Leader in Oil Spill Cleanup

 BP has conducted a laboratory study to determine the efficacy of S-200 OilGone® for use on the oil impacted marshes from the Deepwell Horizon spill.  As you can see from the graph of the data, S-200 OilGone® has proven once again to eliminate the oil pollution (96% reduction).  Because of the oleophilic characteristics of S-200 OilGone®, the field trial will duplicate these results as has been proven in two of the largest tanker spills in the world, the EXXON Valdez (INIPOL EAP-22 was used on 75  miles of coastline; S-200 is the improved both in effacacity and safety 2nd generation of this product) and Prestige tanker spill.  The 1st generation INIPOL EAP-22 and 2nd generation S-200 OilGone® were the only products selected for the bioremediation of the spilled oil for both of these disasters.  

BP tests S200 for use in LA marshes