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S200D combines nutrients technology and a revolutionary delivery package to convey an effective, next generation stimulant package for the environmentally sound resolution of oil contamination. S-200D simply starts where other products stop: at the oil/environment interface.

With one simple application, the interface is charged with a nutrient soup that selectively stimulates the rapid multiplication of natural, oil eating microorganisms. the oil is digested into the harmless components.  Whether the spill is a small vehicle, pipeline or tank leak or a huge supertanker, his breakthrough product will resolve the pollutant on land or as sheens on water.

The product has been tested thoroughly.  Building on the success of the largest bioremediation project in history (Exxon Valdez, 70 miles of shoreline), the technical mechanism and it's advantage are well understood.  What's more, S-200D requires only one application, not the multiple applications required by other technologies

Again, do not technically compromise! S-200D is not "superbugs" or dispersant technology either fail in the real world or do more damage to the environment than the original spill.  S-200D enables the natural attenuation pathway of oil in the environment by placing the required materials in the required location and securing them until they are consumed.

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